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I’m having a bad day

Well I was planning on doing a few bits today get the house straightened up. Take Hallie to see the ducks and then relax before going to see a friend this evening, but once again im in bed not able to move much in so much pain and a headache to boot.
The problem is my partner is at work and I have my 5 year old daughter to care for.
I need to take my medication but will have to wait until this evening when partner can look after Hallie (daughter).
So I am feeling guilty for not being able to do fun stuff with Hallie and the fact she is sitting watching tv instead of doing something fun makes me feel like such a bad mum.
I also feel guilty because now not only has my partner doing over time so we don’t struggle financially he has to come home to a messy house and find the energy to carry on.
I am also absolutely gutted I’m having to cancel seeing my friend tonight I was so looking forward to catching up and enjoying myself.
And I feel so selfish because actually all that’s going through my head is I just want my partner to come home so I can take my medication and go to sleep and forget yet another crappy day.



Ok hello where to start, (sigh) well at the beginning most might say but that’s not so simple when I am not quite sure where I am myself.

I have been asked to write a diary or write how I am feeling by my Psychologist (or as my witty friend has named him Heinz) and then get rid of it in some kind of ritual, however knowing how clumsy I am that may not be the best way to go about it so I have decided to give blogging a go! So wish me luck.

Ok so I was involved in a RTA nearly 2 years ago this has completely turned my world upside down due to a spinal injury that has left me in constant pain or discomfort. I am struggling to say the least to come to terms with my new life and cannot seem get my head round how I can move on when it affects my everyday living my relationships with others, general housekeeping, financially and my future. I am hoping at some point in the near future I can get some clarity on my situation. And if not I can tell myself I have tried everything.